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David Krut Bookstore is pleased to feature the works of author and illustrator, Siya Masuku for the month of December until 27 January 2018. The feature showcases of linocut prints that originated from the digital illustrations in Masuku’s children’s book, Siyafunda isiZulu. Read more…

Siyafunda isiZulu by Siya Masuku,
David Kruyt Projects (13th December 2017, South Africa)

A Colloquium organised by the Department of Visual Art Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture (FADA) of the University of Johannesburg (UJ) South Africa. Read the publication here.

Booknesses: Taking Stock of the Book Arts in South Africa,
Department of Visual Art (FADA) at U.J. (26 March 2017, South Africa)

Siya had a chat with Kwena Moabelo of Power FM about what inspired Siyafunda: isiZulu, the challenges of self-publishing, the importance of indigenous languages and what to look forward to in the Siyafunda Series. Listen to How one illustrator aims to teach people isiZulu.

Power FM,
Kwena Moabelo (22 MArch 2017, South Africa)

Siya Masuku is using his work to teach kids in a fun way. His newly released educational book Siyafunda (“we are learning”) features 25 lively animals for each sound in the isiZulu alphabet. Read more…

City Press,
Rhodé Marshall (19 March 2017, South Africa)

Soweto-born graphic designer Siya Masuku has designed a lively illustrated alphabet book to help children learn isiZulu at primary level. Each letter has an original artwork around it and all are full of movement and life. Read More…

Nikki Zakkas (9 March 2017, South Africa)

South African graphic designer Siya Masuku designed a beautiful printed Zulu alphabet, featuring 25 lively animals, to help teach children isiZulu. Read more…

Design Indaba,
Katie de Klee (20 February 2017, South Africa)

Children are more likely to pass and stay in school when they are taught with their optimal language at primary level,” said Siya Masuku, author and illustrator of Siyafunda, a book made for children learning isiZulu at a primary level. Read more…

Brand South Africa,
Brand South Africa reporter (12 July 2017, South Africa)

One man’s dream to make learning isiZulu beautiful and easy! Read more here…

Daily Maverick,
ANTOINETTE MULLER (27 July 2016, South Africa)

Masuku Sidesteps Lack Of Funds To Tell His Story. Read more here…

NELLY SELEPE (17 January 2017, South Africa)

14 Beautifully illustrated Zulu words to help you learn the Zulu alphabet! Read more here…

The South African,
ANTOINETTE MULLER (6 December 2016, South Africa)
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