Wamukelekile kwaNhliziyo-Ngise. Yilapho inhliziyo yakho ikhula uma uyilandela.

Welcome to kwaNhliziyo-Ngise. This is where your heart grows when you follow it.

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ULanga uzithola elandela inhliziyo yakhe. Uhambo lwakhe lumenza abe nemibuzo eminingi. Ngabe uzoyithola inhliziyo yakhe?

Langa’s pursuit of following her heart leaves her with many questions. Will she ever find her heart?


Umbhali (Writer): Siya Masuku
Umhleli (Editor): Mpumie Njobe
Umdwebi (Illustrator): Siya Masuku
Umqophi (Designer): Siya Masuku
Yashicilelwa (Published): 2019
Abashicileli (Publisher): Siyafunda Online
Ifomethi (Format): Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-620-85358-3
Ulimi (Language): isiZulu
Amakhasi (Pages): 32
Ubukhulu (Size): 200mm X 200mm
Isisindo (Weight): 20gm
Intengiso (Price): R200

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Dimensions 200 × 200 × 0.1 cm


  1. Lukho Witbooi

    I received my copy of Siya Masuku’s graphic novel KwaNhliziyo- Ngise via Mail. I tore through the envelope to the book and for a moment I was stunned by its green and red cover. I remembered a Kanye West statement about how good product design gives adults the feeling of unwrapping a Christmas present. I think his statement is a fitting recollection because this is a graphic novel written and illustrated for children, but its quality handles like a rare collectors item. But KwaNhliziyo- Ngise is meant to be handled and read because it serves an educational purpose of allowing children to start reading in IsiZulu.

    I am impressed by its illustrated imagination and I flipped through the book twice before I begin reading. This allowed me to realise that this book works even if you just read the images. I think the consistency in narrative illustrations will allow kids to really inhabit the created world. It would also help kids who are not reading yet to stretch their own imagination.

    After I began reading I wanted more text in the storytelling because it seems sparse, but after having read the 28 pages I realise there is enough.

    The story follows a girl named Langa as she goes on a Journey and at its premise it seems like there is an alien abduction in her bedroom. This is encouraged by Langa flying toward a light in her window and going up all the way to space. But both the scenery and story take an even more interesting turn after this. It is a story that can clearly be thought of as a Journey and future readers will have more fun experiencing it themselves.

    I will focus on the Journey`s impact on myself because it still lingers as I write this piece. There are periods when our lives are in chaos. These are times that disturb our sleep. I received a copy of KwaNhliziyo- Ngise at such a time. So this is to say that I found Langa’s story fascinating and comforting because it reminded me to step back and marvel at the idea of looking within or the idea of following your heart. These ideas are not new, but in its beautiful illustration of the heart and also the Journey depicted here I started to think how as a 24 year old adult I have a heart that operates in keeping me alive with no effort from me. I iterate this because I believe KwaNhliziyo- Ngise infuses a sense of wonder and lessons in hope that will stick with kids from childhood to adulthood.

  2. Bongani Godide

    Fantastic audio review of KwaNhliziyo-Ngise on soundcloud. Click below to listen:

    Listen on Soundcloud

  3. Nokuthula Mazibuko Msimang


    Siya Masuku’s teenager targeted book, KwaNhliziyo-Ngise (Follow your Heart/Have Heart) has a powerful theme. It is about a brave young woman, Langa, who lives with her grandmother. Langa is determined to make a success of her life and follow her dreams. But she must overcome her deepest fears, and triumph over shadowy forces. The reader is drawn to wonder whether she will succeed?

    Masuku is a brilliant story-teller and a vibrant illustrator. The comic book’s many twists and surprises draw the reader into Langa’s complex world. The theme will resonate with teenagers and adults. Most people are driven to want success in their lives, and will identify with Langa’s struggles.

    KwaNhliziyo-Ngise is the third book in what promises to be an intriguing comic book series. The first book is titled uNjabulo: emkhathini. The second is titled uLanga, and also has a compelling theme. Langa’s behavior is questioned and pushed by her grandmother to consider carefully the choices she makes. Both uLanga and KwaNhliziyo-Ngise are excellent, however, I do feel that Masuku’s style and storytelling techniques are more confident and better structured in KwaNhliziyo-Ngise. Do yourself a favour, and get your hands on both books!

    Review by Nokuthula Mazibuko Msimang

    Incwadi elotshwe futhi edwetshwe nguSiya Masuku, KwaNhliziyo-Ngise, inesiqubulo esinzulu. ULanga, uyintombi ehlala noGogo wakhe. ULanga unesibindi futhi uzimisele ukuphumelela empilweni. Kodwa kuze aphumelele kufanele alwe nobumnyama obufuna ukumphuca amathalente, nobuyena bakhe. Ngabe uLanga uzokwazi ukulwisa ubumnyama, kuze afinyelele kwanhliziyo ngise?

    UMasuku ungumbhali nomdwebi unekhono elijulile. Ibali lika Langa liyamdonsa umfundi ngoba esejahe ukwazi ukuthi ngabe uLanga uzonqoba? Ngabe uzokubona ukukhanya kanye nempumelelo? KwaNhliziyo-Ngise ifanele amabhungu ngoba ingqikithi yayo incwadi esezingeni eliphezulu elingafanele oomuntuza abasebancane kakhulu. Engikuthande kakhulu ngalencwadi ukuthi ikhuthaza intsha ukuthi ibenesineke futhi nesibindi. Igcizelela kakhulu ukuthi amaphupho ayafezeka.

    KwaNhliziyo-Ngise ilandela incwadi yesibili (uLanga) elotswe nguMasuku, nayo elandela impilo kaLanga. Eyokuqala inesihloko esithi, uNjabulo: emkhathini. Eyesibili, uLanga ikhuluma ngokwenza izinqumo ezifanele. Ngiyithokozele kakhulu nayo incwadi kaMasuku yesibili. Kodwa i-KwaNhliziyo-Ngise ijule kakhulu kunale yaphimbilini. Zincede, uzithenge zombili mfundi!

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